Central Bank Divergence

Previously, central banks in the U.S., Japan, Europe and Switzerland all adopted the same policy of an accommodative monetary stance, easing, and stimulus policies. Now, this is no longer so and and emerging contrast is forming. Over the past half decade, the U.S. Federal Reserve had embarked upon Read more

Trip to Jerusalem

At the end of January, I flew to Jerusalem to attend a 2016 global investment summit. With so many challenges to the investment markets being global in nature, I felt an international perspective would lend a unique perspective. The event was well-attended, with over 3,000 participants. I must have picked the coldest week, because it snowed on Monday and Tuesday which made Jerusalem headlines. Read more

Market Volatility in the New Year
The financial markets have been extremely volatile over the past several weeks.  This article seeks to pin-point why, discuss broader aspects of volatility, and gives practical solutions for risk management.  Read more